Ontario Road Ecology Group (OREG)

Ontario Road Ecology Group (OREG)

Road Ecology is the study of the interactions between the environment and roads. As a partnership organization OREG integrates the expertise and contributions of government and non-government agencies, scientists, educators and the public to resolve road ecology issues through research, policy and community engagement.

I was tasked to work on a modern looking and a dynamic CMS website for OREG. I worked on the concept design, Art Direction, UX and development of this website (based in WordPress). The website now consists of various resources, images, videos and a dynamically generated News/Articles section.

Result: OREG staff are now able to update their own articles and images with the latest WordPress functionality.

Role: Art Director, UX/UI Designer, Developer.

Tools & Skills:
✔ Photoshop/Illustrator
✔ WordPress
✔ Basic PHP


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