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Higher Education Student Portal


This project catered to the educational products team of a technology giant, aiming to develop a tailored experience for student specific user segments. The challenge lay in crafting a customizable solution for higher education institutions to elevate their student experience.

Our approach involved designing user flows, wireframes, and visual designs, followed by comprehensive user testing. Through our efforts, we successfully designed and developed three sharepoint web components, significantly augmenting the functionality and utility of Teams, and enhancing its purpose and value to students. It included features like announcements, upcoming assignments, and ability to join scheduled virtual classes with access to a dynamic calendar.

Our tests revealed a 90% task completion success rate. All participants successfully discovered each webpart, found value in them, and rated the experience a 9+ (out of 10). Our client was delighted about the quality of work delivered.

Role: UX Director
Employer: Avanade, Accenture, Microsoft Group

Services provided:
✔ UX Direction
✔ Research and ideation
✔ Workshops Facilitation
✔ Information Architecture
✔ Interactive Prototype
✔ Usability Outomes Report