image of Data and Analytics Portal

Enterprise Data and Analytics Portal

Delivered to a prominent client in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector, this project centered on developing a comprehensive SharePoint portal to encompass all facets of Data, Analytics, Resources, Community, and Governance.

The project kicked off with an extensive research phase, including a three-day discovery workshop, aimed at grasping the business stakeholders' objectives and challenges. Following this, we devised a detailed information architecture, content mapping documents, and wireflows. These efforts were elevated by a fully functional visual prototype, which underwent user testing to ensure its efficacy and user-centric design.

✔ Project outcomes were met with positive acclaim and review presentations from key business stakeholders, establishing it as a benchmark portal for regions beyond Canada.

✔ The portal served as a new central gateway for Data Governance and Reporting.

✔ Increased searchability of reports resulting in efficient use of data by all teams.

✔ Shifted up overall efficiency and productivity rates.

Employer: Slalom

Services provided:
✔ UX Direction
✔ Research and ideation
✔ Workshops Facilitation
✔ Information Architecture
✔ Interactive Prototype
✔ Outomes presentations