image about VR-Assisted Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

VR-Assisted Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

This project was delivered for a large company in the healthcare space. It was primarily an envisioning project focused on VR-Assisted Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Anxiety Disorders, with a particular emphasis on Acrophobia (an intense fear of heights).

The approach that we took in the discovery and design phases was not overly technical. We began with a workshop to understand the goals and pain points of patients, therapists, and the business stakeholders. This was followed by creating a detailed Service Blueprint to evaluate how the front-stage experience would align with the back-end technology and channels, leading up to a demonstration of a VR Acrophobia Therapy Module – supported by a functioning prototype and an introduction video trailer.

The outcomes from the project were applauded by the key stakeholders not only for their innovative value but also because they enabled the company to stand out among its competitors by showcasing a culture of experimentation and innovation.

Applied Expertise: Research, ideation, UX, prototype and video.
Employer: Avanade/Accenture

Services provided:
✔ Research and ideation
✔ Workshops Facilitation
✔ Interactive Prototype
✔ Video Trailer