Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Toronto

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Toronto

Dr. Bray offers the most innovative, leading edge and sophisticated surgical techniques and technologies available today.

As the Art Director, UX/UI Designer & Developer, I was tasked to work on a high-end website geared towards existing and new patients. I worked on the concept design, user's experience and development of this website along with the image editing for various sections, including an extensive before and after gallery.

I had to find a unique way to enhance the user experience of the website by consolidating a volumious amount of content in an articulate, visually appealing manner keeping in mind best practices for usability and functionality. The website comprised of text, image galleries and videos.

Role: Art Director, UX and UI Designer, Developer.

Tools & Skills:
✔ Adobe Creative Suite
✔ HTML/CSS/jQuery
✔ Organic SEO


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